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Is Infinite Chocolate Possible?

An infinite amount of chocolate from only one candy bar? What chocolate wizardy is this? Well math of course. Our friends over at VSauce take a look at the Banach-Tarski Paradox which is a mathematical theorem that you can split any item into 5 separate pieces, and rearrange those 5 pieces into two of what […]

What It Takes to Get a 36 on the ACT

The ACT’s importance and difficulty can be intimidating for some students and a welcomed challenge to others. With the right prep work anyone can score very highly on the ACT, and with immense focus and drive anyone can get a perfect score. Allen Chang’s article details how he is one of those people who needed to […]

Revamped GED Test, GED Prep Is Crucial

With a revamped GED Test, GED Prep is more important than ever The GED exam has been widely known as a great pathway for people of all ages who did not earn a traditional high school diploma to get the credentials needed in order to get a job… And the new GED Test is making […]

Challenge: Area Maze Puzzle

Can you solve the area maze puzzle? All you need to know is the area of a rectangle (Area = length multiplied by the width)! Watch this video for a demonstration of how to complete the area maze puzzle. If you would like to read up more on this puzzle that is very popular in Japan, please […]

7 Ways the SAT Is Changing

No penalty for wrong answers anymore! The SAT in 2016 will be changing from an increase in curriculum based questions to a revamped essay section. These are 7 ways the SAT will be changing in 2016 (to read more about this article click here): ONLINE TEST PREP Khan Academy will provide online test prep. NO PENALTY […]