About The NEW SAT

  • A perfect score will be 1600, not 2400

  • The essay will be optional

  • No obscure vocabulary words

  • No more guessing penalty!

  • Fewer random reading passages

  • More advanced math

  • No calculator allowed on parts of the math section

  • Paragraphs containing grammatical errors

  • More charts and graphs

  • Computer-optional, at select locations

Test Tips

Taking the SAT is serious business and we’re here to help. We’ll tutor you in each specific subject, as well as administer practice exams to help guide you in your academic future. Register today for our SAT Prep courses by clicking the button below!

  • Become Familiar with the Test!

    Becoming familiar with the test and the format is half of the mental battle. If you walk into the test knowing what to expect, you’ll alleviate some of your anxiety and therefore increase your odds of scoring higher. The SAT is no exception!

  • Tutoring Sessions

    Tutoring sessions for the SAT can be done in either a private or group format. Whatever format will work better for your student is the route to go. We’ll be with you every step of the way seeking to improve your scores!

  • Plan & Practice!

    Practice makes perfect. Whether you’re looking for perfection or not, practice is proven to improve your test scores. And with us, not only are you practicing, but you’re also receiving feedback and instruction on how to improve. We’ll administer practice exams that we can then review to see what we need to work on specifically!

Practice Tests



Have you received your scores? Should you celebrate or register to take the next SAT test? Unless you scored a perfect 2400 (1600 in 2016), you can always improve your score! A good SAT or ACT score can also help you snag additional scholarship money! Everyone needs some extra money right? Try it again with some help this time! Check out where your ACT/SAT scores can take you by clicking the button below.


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