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ACT Tutoring


Making the Grade, LLC will be offering ACT Prep classes for Math, English, Reading, Science as well as a real life ACT test setting throughout the entire year! Click the box below to register for Making the Grade, LLC’s ACT Programs!


    Who can keep up with all those facts and figures? Not to mention geometry! And then you add in the letters…it gets complicated. Shape up and get your “ACT” together with our ACT Math Camps! We will be breaking down the components of the ACT over a course of four to six weeks and working out ACT problems together. The best part is exposure to a real life ACT setting – you can’t beat that!

  • ACT English

    Misplace a modifier? Splice your comma? Does grammar have you all tongue-tied? Speak now or forever hold your peace! Our three to four week ACT English Camp will cover all you need to know about the English portion of the test, including mechanics, grammar usage and rhetorical skills. Don’t find yourself at a loss for words when you’re taking your ACT!

  • ACT Reading & Science

    Reading and science lumped together? Believe it or not the reading and science sections of the ACT use a similar set of skills to complete. This three to four week course will cover the skills necessary to effectively complete the reading and science sections. Skills taught in this course will include inference, analysis and synthesis. Come join us as we explore, hypothesize and generally help you master these two seemingly unrelated sections.


    The Writing portion of the ACT can be the section that scares most students. It doesn’t have to be. We’ll teach you how to format your thoughts on any given subject by producing an outline and then filling it in with supportive data. Writing well is simply about following rules and we’ll teach you how to do just that!

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Practice Tests


Making the Grade is now offering an email listserv for ACT problems of the week.  Each week, Mrs. Renee McFall sends out a practice question by email for each subject (English, Math, Reading, and Science) as well as a tip to increase your score or perform better on the test.  To subscribe to the ACT Problem of the Week email list, please sign up here.

ACT Challenge

ACT  SOLUTIONS (Members Only)

Combining group dynamics with the personal attention of a specialized tutor, this option provides a learning environment that elevates one’s knowledge alongside peers. The design will continue to assist with the same components as private tutoring, only now in a collective setting at a reduced cost! Get access to our ACT formulas, tests, and solutions we give out during our ACT group tutoring sessions!


Looking for exclusive tips to taking the ACT? Look no further. Every Fall and Spring, Making the Grade will send out monthly tips to the student’s email addresses. It includes five helpful tips for Math, five tips for English, five tips for Reading, five tips for Science, and you guessed it, five tips for Writing! You also get access to any previous tips in the past. A password will be given to view any archived files once you become a member of Making the Grade!

Test Tips


Have you received your scores? Should you celebrate or register to take the next ACT test? Unless you scored a perfect 36, there’s always room to improve! A good SAT or ACT score can help you snag additional scholarship money! Everyone could use a little extra money right? Take another stab at the ACT but with a little more preparation. Check out where your ACT/SAT scores can take you by clicking the button below. Oh the places you could go!


“I only wished I would have used Making the Grade sooner.  I realized my son was lagging behind in his high school math his Junior year.  Not really through any fault of his own, just a really bad instructor.  My son’s self confidence was lacking due to this particular instructor and I wished I would have taken note much sooner.  The first thing the tutor did was to tell my son how smart he was and how easy it was going to be to bring up his math scores on ACT testing.  You should have seen the delight in his eyes when this tutor recognized my son’s potential!!  After 5 short tutoring sessions in ACT Math prep, my son increased his overall ACT score by 3 whole points (math largest increase).  His new ACT score was high enough to garner an academic scholarship at his 1st choice out of state college.  Needless to say, all this was possible because of Making the Grade tutoring. I have also recommended others to use Making the Grade, knowing they will deliver!!”