“Making the Grade is a special place. It’s full of professionals that their only goal is to help your child or children to succeed. Having taught for 30 years, I haven’t met a group so knowledgeable and caring about our children. This company could do professional development in teaching children to learn to local and national school systems. They were able to find the key to my son’s math difficulty. All my son’s life ,he could not do math at all. Using Making the Grade , he was able to pass his college math courses. He had taken the math course 3x and tried hard but failed. All it took was one semester with Ms. Jenny and he passed the course, in fact, both of his math courses. My son is Aspergers and never found anyone caring enough to teach him the basic of math all the way to Algebra. He is now confident and capable enough to finish his degree in Emergency Management. He has a statistics course coming up and can’t wait to take it. He also has worked with Ms. Jenny’s other tutors in other subjects. They were all just as special and each have gifts in different subjects. I highly recommend this company for your special needs child to gifted children. The group of people in this company is the best and a step above any other tutoring services in this county. They make learning an adventure so your child wants to learn and succeed. They tutor in all areas which includes ACT, PSAT, and college prep. Let Making the Grade help YOUR child ,Make the Grade!
This company is A+”

“My son was in 7th grade when he started struggling in math. This was his first time of not doing good in school. I set out to get him someone to help him. That’s when we met Ms. Jenny at Making the Grade. She was such a blessing to him. Not only did we meet her we met the student advocate who worked with her. Ms. Jenny and the student advocate went to meetings at the school with the teacher to get the material my son needed to know. They went above and beyond to help him. With Ms. Jenny help he got caught back up and made all A’s. Not only did he get caught up he was ahead. And now he’s in 8th grade and is doing excellent. If he needs help again Ms. Jenny is who I will take him to. When we was at home and he needed help with homework Ms. jenny was always available to him thru phone calls or texts. And still she’s available. She truly cares for him and the kids she works with. She wants them to do well.”

“I left high school knowing next to nothing regarding math. I was scared to death of taking College Algebra and did not have a clue what to do about it. I found Jenny and Making the Grade and within the span of three months I started College Algebra and finished the class with a 100%. I was so happy with the results of tutoring with Making the Grade I decided to stay for all of my remaining math courses. The learning atmosphere is relaxed and friendly and you never feel like you are out of the loop. By the second or third session you will find yourself asking questions and finding that math was never really that hard to begin with, you simply needed a good teacher, the folks at Making the Grade. They brought me back from public school confusion and I am eternally grateful.”

“I only wished I would have used Making the Grade sooner.  I realized my son was lagging behind in his high school math his Junior year.  Not really through any fault of his own, just a really bad instructor.  My son’s self confidence was lacking due to this particular instructor and I wished I would have taken note much sooner.  The first thing the tutor did was to tell my son how smart he was and how easy it was going to be to bring up his math scores on ACT testing.  You should have seen the delight in his eyes when this tutor recognized my son’s potential!!  After 5 short tutoring sessions in ACT Math prep, my son increased his overall ACT score by 3 whole points (math largest increase).  His new ACT score was high enough to garner an academic scholarship at his 1st choice out of state college.  Needless to say, all this was possible because of Making the Grade tutoring. I have also recommended others to use Making the Grade, knowing they will deliver!!”

“I am a distance-learning student and have become use to teaching myself the required material. However, about three weeks into my statistics course I knew that I was in over my head. I found a phone number for Making The Grade and decided to call. From the moment I first called, through the completion of the course, the level of professionalism, respect and understanding remained at the highest level. Jennifer and her staff at Making The Grade made sure that my needs as a student and an adult learner were met. Their customized approach to helping me through the subject matter was vital to my success. I highly recommend Making The Grade to anyone, of any age who is looking to make his or her learning experience fun and successful!”

     I just wanted to personally thank you for helping me pass the writing part of the Praxis Case.  I have finally passed it!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of your help!! Just from those two sessions my score went up from a 158 two times in a row to a 166.  I truly can not thank you enough!”

“My son was testing above national average on the math sections of standardized tests until middle school when his scores dropped dramatically. Knowing he wanted to be a scientist; I knew math could hold him back. He also had some organization and planning issues that were affecting his other classes. Thankfully, we found Making the Grade. He started tutoring with Ms. Jenny for math and Ms. Renee for writing in ninth grade. Both were excellent at both explaining the material and encouraging him. Ms. Jenny even came to his school during extended study once a week. When it was time for the ACT, we scheduled some extra sessions on math prep. The tutoring was a great investment because he is now eligible for many college scholarships based on his high school GPA and ACT scores. Thank you Making the Grade!”

“I chose to seek a tutor after I experienced in the classroom that my teacher was not explaining the math concepts in a way I understood. Also, I wanted to excel beyond my grade level so I would be more prepared for future concepts and standardized exams I would be facing. Upon starting with Ms. Jen I was very pleased because all of my previous conflicts were resolved. I understood all the concepts that I had trouble with before. This was because she always explained content in a different way than anyone else, and I picked up on her teaching very quickly. After my parents hired Ms. Jen, I accomplished my goal of exceeding my grade level. My middle school math teacher would cover a new topic and I was completely familiar with it. Deciding on Ms. Jen with “Making the Grade” has been a great investment and I am looking forward to returning to Ms. Jen for a third year.”

“Our daughter need a little extra help in her advanced math class as a freshman and Jennifer was able to provide that. She made our daughter feel comfortable and confident while helping her gain a better understanding of concepts so that she would be more successful. During our daughter’s sophomore year, Jennifer provided act tutoring and was able to quickly assess our daughters needs and then target those areas. Jennifer does not spend time teaching what is already known but uses the time to work on concepts and skills necessary to further learning. Our daughter’s act score improved by several points and we feel that Jennifer’s support was so beneficial. We highly recommend Jennifer and know that our daughter has learned so much and has enjoyed her tutoring sessions.”

“Jenny has been by far one of the most influential people in my life. I struggled to pass the Math CLEP exam in order to graduate college on time. Jenny made it a personal mission to help me to become a success. She took time to go over every section of the test, then helped me understand each part past my own expectations. Her understanding of the material and expertise in the field of mathematics surpasses even the recommended tutors that were located on campus. Because of her dedication to her position as an educator I was able to pass the Math CLEP exam and graduate on time. Bottom line is, she rocks!!! I recommend her for any student at any level who needs help understanding and developing the skills required for math courses. Thank you Jenny, you saved me when I almost lost all hope to pass the Math CLEP exam.”

Making the Grade tutoring service is accommodating and professional. I needed help with something similar to the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test (ASVAB). The test I was seeking tutoring for was called the Officer Aptitude Rating test (OAR) for aspiring Naval Officer’s. The owner, Ms. Jenny, had never had a client who needed to take this test. She promptly bought sample materials and set me up with an outstanding tutor. Scheduling is easy and sessions are affordable with multiple tutoring packages. I highly recommend Making the Grade tutoring service.

“Our daughter complained that her math teacher was not explaining math concepts in a way that she found helpful. Thus, we decided to seek the assistance of a professional math tutor. After interviewing several prospective tutors, we chose Jenny at “Making the Grade”. We found Jen to be positive, enthusiastic, and most of all an excellent instructor. Our daughter has advanced far above her current grade level in math subjects and we are now receiving tutoring from Jen for a third year.”

“I have tutored with Jenny for about 3 years now. I am an older student that needed brushing up on math skills that had not been utilized for over 18 years. Jenny first helped me prepare for the ACT, and then later in the school year I contacted her for extra help in just reviewing and going over certain math content.
Jenny is one of the hardest working people I know and her dedication to her students goes over and beyond the normal boundaries. I can not say enough good things about her and I would highly encourage and recommend her services to anyone. I am now in my junior year of college and I can honestly say I do not know what I would have done or if I would have even gotten this far had it not been for Jenny’s help. She takes the time to get to know her students and their learning style so she can better serve their needs and she teaches in a way that they can understand the material. She is a great tutor and a even better individual and I thank God that I got the chance to get to know such a wonderful and caring person!!!”

Making the Grade LLC is something I would highly, highly recommend. I am a college student at EKU and I had trouble passing my Math Praxis. Ms. Jenny was the best tutor that I have ever worked with. She is extremely knowledgeable in all things testing and has great techniques and resources available to any learner. Their schedule is flexible and Ms. Jenny is very easy to communicate with and talk to. The price is also great considering the amount of resources such as: books, practice problems, and practice test that are always available. Ms. Jenny is always willing to help you with anything and her interest in your success is very apparent. Any session you attend is completely focused and tailored to your needs and learning. I finally passed my math praxis and I am so happy I found this company!

Making the grade was great to work with! My daughter increased her ACT math scores 6 points with 10, 1hr one on one tutoring courses. Reasonably priced, proven results, and worth every penny. Thanks MTG!

Making the Grade has been a life saver for us. All the teachers have been kind, patient and engaging. I would highly recommend them for anyone feeling like they need extra support! They are AWESOME!