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ACT Test Dates

ACT Test Dates 

Making the Grade’s Practice Tests

February 11, 2017
March (In the School) February 25th (9AM-1PM)
April 8, 2017 March 25th (9AM-1PM)
June 10, 2017 April 29th (9AM-1PM)
May 27th (9AM-1PM)

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2017 Chamber of Commerce Kickoff

Chamber of Commerce Annual Kickoff

2017 Richmond Chamber of Commerce Annual Kickoff

On February 6, 2017, Ms. Jenny and Mrs. Renee attended the Richmond Chamber of Commerce Annual Kickoff at the EKU Perkins building. They were joined by dozens of local businesses who are also Chamber members. The meeting was led by the Chamber CEO and president, Mendi Goble. The chair, Myron Fisher, also spoke to the Chamber members.

The meeting centered around the outlook and vision for 2017, which includes raising awareness of the drug issues facing Madison Co. and bettering the community through various projects. Businesses set up tables and Chamber members “shopped” vendors and met other Chamber members.

Making the Grade’s table was very busy engaging other Chamber members by presenting them with a small English quiz to demonstrate skills necessary for success on the ACT. The quiz is listed below. Several people got several questions correct, but no one could get all 5 questions answered correctly! Can you?


Listed here is the English quiz. Try it! Send your answers to Mrs. Renee at mrs.reneemFall@gmail.com for a chance to win.

Choose the correct word to complete each sentence:

1. Mrs. Smith, who/whom I saw at the store yesterday, will be our volleyball coach.

2. The cheerleaders or the band is/are going to have to take a separate bus.

3. We/us women like to go shopping on the weekend.

Correct the following sentences:

4. After rotting in the cellar, my brother brought up some oranges.

5. I really had no interest in politics however I did like to stay informed by watching the debates held in Washington D.C. Philadelphia Pennsylvania and Richmond Virginia.


Send your answers to Mrs. Renee at mrs.reneemFall@gmail.com for a chance to win!

Thank you for participating!