Science is one of those subjects that students sometimes feel they either get or they don’t – that there’s no middle ground when it comes to science. That’s not true. Sure, science might not be your strong suit, but if you can read and use deductive reasoning, you can understand a lot about science. Once a student understands that they can excel in this area, they’re more willing to apply themselves in a classroom setting.

  • Science & Reading?

    It’s true! A large part of understand science is being able to understand the context of the situation and deduce things from that.

  • Science & Math

    Science and math go together like peanut butter and jelly and when a student feels like math maybe isn’t their strong suit, then they think they’ll never understand science. While some of that is true, a lot of basic science is just understanding mathematic principles. We can teach you that!

  • Flexibility

    Whether you’re just getting started or in a crunch, our tutors are there to help you. We work with you and your schedule to help you got your assignments completed on time. You can also reserve a spot each week to make it even easier!

  • Resources

    Our Science tutors are very knowledgeable and have access to numerous resources to help your student. Our tutors use a variety of teaching methods to ensure that the student is learning to the best of his/her abilities. Learning should be fun!

Subjects Offered

Science Tutoring

  • ACT Science

    The Science section of the ACT can seem pretty overwhelming, especially for students who don’t feel like they excel in Science in the classroom. The good news is that the Science and Reading sections are more alike than you think! If you can read, analyze charts and graphs and make use of deductive reasoning, you can master the Science section. We’ll teach you how!

  • Other ACT Subjects

    Making the Grade, LLC offers ACT Prep classes for Math, English, Reading, and Writing as well as a real life ACT test settings throughout the entire year!