Ever had trouble with numbers? Let’s be real – who hasn’t? Applied math and statistics tutoring can help you with that. Whether out of a personal interest or simply trying to pass a class, we can break all the pieces apart and help you put it all back together. Plus, it’s a great tool to have no matter what job you’ll be seeking in the job market. Applied math and statistics are subjects everyone can use.

  • Applied

    Have you ever thought that numbers lie but you weren’t sure how? Or maybe you’ve had the thought, “When am I ever going to use this again?” Applied math is exactly what you’re looking for. Practical use for your math knowledge.

  • Model After Your Interests

    Our statistics tutors take the time to explain how to determine statistics and manipulate the numbers according to circumstance. Do you need to learn how to create a confidence interval or test a hypothesis using data analysis? We’ve got you covered.

  • We Fit Your Schedule

    Not sure where to begin, but ready to give it a go? Our tutors will work with you to set up a schedule. We’ll help you learn, so that you can go from determining an average to understanding how TV commercials decorate their statistics with a margin of error. We have the time to meet your needs.

  • Learn Your Tech

    Using a special program or just wanting to learn how to use your calculator? These are some of the tech pieces you’ll be using in every day life – don’t you want to know how to use them? As we cover each topic, tutors can use your technology to back up their results allowing you to learn your tech as we go.

Subjects Offered

Stats Tutoring
Probability Tutoring


    Who can keep up with all those facts and figures? Not to mention geometry! And then you add in the letters with algebra…it gets complicated. Shape up and get your “ACT” together with our ACT Math Camps! We’ll be breaking down the components of the ACT over a course of four to six weeks and working out ACT problems together. The best part is exposure to a real life ACT setting – you can’t beat that!

  • Other ACT Subjects

    In addition to Math, Making the Grade, LLC offers ACT Prep classes for English, Reading, Science, and Writing as well as a real life ACT test setting throughout the entire year!


“I am a distance-learning student and have become use to teaching myself the required material. However, about three weeks into my statistics course I knew that I was in over my head. I found a phone number for Making The Grade and decided to call. From the moment I first called, through the completion of the course, the level of professionalism, respect and understanding remained at the highest level. Jennifer and her staff at Making The Grade made sure that my needs as a student and an adult learner were met. Their customized approach to helping me through the subject matter was vital to my success. I highly recommend Making The Grade to anyone, of any age who is looking to make his or her learning experience fun and successful!”