Revamped GED Test, GED Prep Is Crucial

GED Prep

With a revamped GED Test, GED Prep is more important than ever

The GED exam has been widely known as a great pathway for people of all ages who did not earn a traditional high school diploma to get the credentials needed in order to get a job… And the new GED Test is making that harder than ever. The new Pearson created GED test is much different than the ones before it and students are struggling like never before. The new GED test is so much more difficult that there was a 90 percent drop in passing rates in 2014. The new test focuses on four content areas: Literacy, science, math, and social studies. The focus on these common core subjects is meant to better prepare GED test takers for college rather than just work force readiness. GED Prep is now more important than ever as a the GED test itself attempts to adapt to the world today. Pearson has defended the new and difficult test stating ” based on feedback from employers, colleges, universities, and test-takers, that the value of the GED® credential had eroded” and “It also became clear that GED® graduates were losing ground in the job market. They were not able to compete with high school graduates for the few low-skill jobs that were available, and less than 12% were earning the career training and college certificates required for the exploding middle-skill job segment.” With this new test comes great challenge, and Making the Grade, LLC is here to ensure our GED prep gives our students the absolute best chance for success. Visit our GED Prep page for more information. To view this article, please click here.