Group Tutoring
Team Work


Now you can! Get the motivation and engagement of working with others combined with the personal attention of working closely with a tutor!

Making the Grade’s goal is to provide a fun and controlled learning environment with your friends. You will still be able to get help with homework, learn how to study and prepare for a test, or even prepare for the ACT…together! We work with groups as small as two and as large as an entire school.

  • Collaboration

    Groups can demonstrate and build cooperative attitudes and work skills, necessary requisites for the “real” world.

    Students are able to share ideas and information, ask questions freely, and present a diversity of ideas and points of view among each other.

  • Participation

    Students who actively participate are more likely to learn and retain more information.

    We make learning fun and inspire kids to get involved and participate with their peers while still maintaining a controlled working environment.

  • Energy Level

    A higher energy level makes the tutoring experiences more fun and enjoyable and can be beneficial to learning.

    With group tutoring, it is easier to raise the energy level of a tutoring session with a group of students. Kids will learn and participate with their fellow peers while increasing their confidence and self-esteem!

  • Affordable

    Since group tutoring spreads the cost of a tutor across more students, it is cheaper for each student compared to one-on-one tutoring. This can make more tutoring sessions affordable while still providing a fun learning environment with their friends!

Benefits of Group Tutoring

Group Tutoring
  • Peer review
  • Provides real-life working skills
  • Increased independence
  • provides a support system
  • Increased confidence
  • cost-effective


“I chose to seek a tutor after I experienced in the classroom that my teacher was not explaining the math concepts in a way I understood. Also, I wanted to excel beyond my grade level so I would be more prepared for future concepts and standardized exams I would be facing. Upon starting with Ms. Jen I was very pleased because all of my previous conflicts were resolved. I understood all the concepts that I had trouble with before. This was because she always explained content in a different way than anyone else, and I picked up on her teaching very quickly. After my parents hired Ms. Jen, I accomplished my goal of exceeding my grade level. My middle school math teacher would cover a new topic and I was completely familiar with it. Deciding on Ms. Jen with “Making the Grade” has been a great investment and I am looking forward to returning to Ms. Jen for a fifth year.”