Excellent oral and written communication skills are essential to everyone’s daily lives. Whether it be for a scholastic paper, résumé, speech, or standardized testing, English competency is a must. Our tutors can help students compose, edit, and revise any English document for school or work. Our tutors can also help students improve grammar and rhetorical skills for standardized tests.

  • Grammar

    Grammar is an important skill in school and in the workplace. Our tutors are well-versed in the rules of the English language and can bring your student up to speed. Proper grammar is important for writing both scholastically and professionally.

    We can even help with grammar for standardized testing!

  • Communication

    Communication skills are ranked among the highest “must have” skills for potential job candidates. Learning to communicate well may be a sure path to achieving your career goals and getting the job you want.

    Our tutors can help with composing cover letters and résumés to help you get the job!

  • Flexible

    Whether you’re just getting started or in a crunch, our tutors are there to help you. We work with you and your schedule to help you got your assignments completed on time. You can also reserve a spot each week to make it even easier!

  • Resources

    Our English tutors are very knowledgeable and have access to numerous resources to help your student. Our tutors use a variety of teaching methods to ensure that the student is learning to the best of his/her abilities. Learning should be fun!

Services Offered

ACT Writing
  • Grammar
English Tutoring

    Misplace a modifier? Splice your comma? Does grammar have you tongue-tied? Fear no more! Our three to four week ACT English camp will cover all you need to know about the English test, including mechanics, grammar, usage and rhetorical skills.

  • Other ACT Subjects

    Making the Grade offers ACT Prep classes for Math, Reading, Science, and Writing as well as a real life ACT test setting throughout the entire year!


“My son was testing above national average on the math sections of standardized tests until middle school when his scores dropped dramatically. Knowing he wanted to be a scientist; I knew math could hold him back. He also had some organization and planning issues that were affecting his other classes. Thankfully, we found Making the Grade. He started tutoring with Ms. Jenny for math and Ms. Renee for writing in ninth grade. Both were excellent at both explaining the material and encouraging him. Ms. Jenny even came to his school during extended study once a week. When it was time for the ACT, we scheduled some extra sessions on math prep. The tutoring was a great investment because he is now eligible for many college scholarships based on his high school GPA and ACT scores. Thank you Making the Grade!”