Reading is an important skill that students begin learning at an early age. You could argue that it is the most important skill one must learn in their education process. Reading learning continues throughout school and changes as the student progresses through grades. Our tutors can help with reading comprehension throughout a student’s academic career.

  • Comprehension

    Reading comprehension is taught as early as elementary school. And it’s something they must continue to develop through the rest of their academic career. Your comprehension levels change as you get older and we’re here to help your student improve on that.

  • Test Prep

    Reading makes up a quarter of the ACT, but you’ll need it for every section. The skills used on the ACT are more specific than comprehension typically learned in the classroom. Our tutors can help students increase their comprehension and reasoning skills to fit the requirements of the ACT.

  • Flexibility

    Our tutors can work with you to fit your busy schedule. We use many different teaching methods to ensure your student is learning to the greatest of his/her abilities. You can even reserve a weekly time slot. We want your student to get the most of their tutoring!

  • Resources

    We have access to a wide range of high-quality resources not typically made available to students by schools. Tutors can develop a program of learning to fit your student’s learning style, so your student can become an even more effective reader.

Services Offered

Reading Tutoring
Reading Camp

    The ACT Reading section can be one of the most overwhelming due to the sheer size and amount of things you feel like you have to cover in it. If you’re not a fast reader, it can be daunting. We’re here to help you! Skills taught in this course will include inference, analysis and synthesis. Come join us as we help you master this section.

  • Other ACT Subjects

    Making the Grade, LLC offers ACT Prep classes for Math, English, Science, and Writing as well as a real life ACT test settings throughout the entire year!


Making the grade has been so wonderful to work with. My daughter has improved with her reading by many levels since starting with them. The tutor we work with is always kind, patient and knowledgeable. I would recommend Making the Grade for anyone needing to find extra help for their child.