What It Takes to Get a 36 on the ACT

ACT Tutoring

The ACT’s importance and difficulty can be intimidating for some students and a welcomed challenge to others. With the right prep work anyone can score very highly on the ACT, and with immense focus and drive anyone can get a perfect score. Allen Chang’s article details how he is one of those people who needed to ace the test. By his own admittance he was always better at math than writing and reading but with the correct prep he made sure a perfect ACT score was inevitable. His in-depth article describes his philosophical and physical approach towards acing the ACT and how he used the same methodology to score a near perfect score on the MCAT’s (he scored a 44 out of 45) for medical school. In his own words “In broad strokes, it takes a lot of hard work, a lot of smart work, and some amount of luck. But this isn’t helpful. Let’s dig deeper. You have to want it. Really, really want it.” Be sure to visit our ACT Prep page for more information.