Private Tutoring

Individual instruction is the way to go to ensure that your student gets the most out of every tutoring session and excels to their full potential.

ACT Prep

We take the anxiety out of test-taking. Overcoming mental hurdles is half the battle and preparedness is the foundation to that.

Online Tutoring

We offer convenient educational options that can be accessed from home or on the go. Our flexible approach caters to your personalized learning needs.


Because we love what we do. This is our passion.

Our mission at Making the Grade, LLC is to provide high quality affordable tutoring accompanied with a variety of out-of-class tutoring services in supportive learning environments. We work one on one with our students or in classroom settings and adapt to their individual needs.

We strive to make learning fun, motivating, and easy to understand.


    We really do care about your future and to see you become all that you can be. Making the Grade, LLC will motivate you to strive to reach your goals, grow, and achieve more!


    The number one benefit to your student is a confident and knowledgeable tutor that they can relate to. Our tutors are professional and successful, helping to show your students what they can be with some hard work. This allows the students to develop a mentor relationship with their tutor which can result in improved comprehension and retention of concepts covered. We make learning fun, easy to understand, and most importantly, effective.


    Life is a balancing act and confidence comes when students can fit all the pieces together. Making the Grade, LLC helps you work with tutors to build a schedule fit for you and your student’s busy life. Our tutors work around the clock to be there for your every need! Whether you need help with a homework question, extra notes, or a quick review on Skype, call or e-mail us at any time!


    No matter the subject, we have the opportunity to provide your student with a number of materials. Our tutors have access to the very best materials and technology not typically provided by schools to aid in your success. Our tutors use various teaching methods to ensure your students attention and retention of material, giving your student the best chance for success. Our students have an upper advantage on Standardized Tests!


“Making the Grade is a special place. It’s full of professionals that their only goal is to help your child or children to succeed. Having taught for 30 years, I haven’t met a group so knowledgeable and caring about our children. This company could do professional development in teaching children to learn to local and national school systems. They were able to find the key to my son’s math difficulty. All my son’s life ,he could not do math at all. Using Making the Grade , he was able to pass his college math courses. He had taken the math course 3x and tried hard but failed. All it took was one semester with Ms. Jenny and he passed the course, in fact, both of his math courses. My son is Aspergers and never found anyone caring enough to teach him the basic of math all the way to Algebra. He is now confident and capable enough to finish his degree in Emergency Management. He has a statistics course coming up and can’t wait to take it. He also has worked with Ms. Jenny’s other tutors in other subjects. They were all just as special and each have gifts in different subjects. I highly recommend this company for your special needs child to gifted children. The group of people in this company is the best and a step above any other tutoring services in this county. They make learning an adventure so your child wants to learn and succeed. They tutor in all areas which includes ACT, PSAT, and college prep. Let Making the Grade help YOUR child ,Make the Grade!
This company is A+”

“I only wished I would have used Making the Grade sooner.  I realized my son was lagging behind in his high school math his Junior year.  Not really through any fault of his own, just a really bad instructor.  My son’s self confidence was lacking due to this particular instructor and I wished I would have taken note much sooner.  The first thing the tutor did was to tell my son how smart he was and how easy it was going to be to bring up his math scores on ACT testing.  You should have seen the delight in his eyes when this tutor recognized my son’s potential!!  After 5 short tutoring sessions in ACT Math prep, my son increased his overall ACT score by 3 whole points (math largest increase).  His new ACT score was high enough to garner an academic scholarship at his 1st choice out of state college.  Needless to say, all this was possible because of Making the Grade tutoring. I have also recommended others to use Making the Grade, knowing they will deliver!!”