About Making the Grade

Jennifer Fischesser has had many obstacles come her way. One factor that kept her going was her love for math. It pushed her to graduate, teach, and also help other students succeed. She finds a way to break down a concept so that a person of any age can see and grasp what she is demonstrating. She has been an academic coach to some, an inspiration to many, and she is also that motivation driving the students to get the grades they truly deserve. Jennifer realized that this was her passion, this is what she loved doing. So in January 2011, Jennifer decided to push once again and started a private tutoring company called Making the Grade, LLC! We are continuing to grow each year and we are proud to say that we have grown our business solely on referrals and if that doesn’t speak for itself, definitely check out our testimonials.

Making the Grade, LLC
Ms. Jenny Fischesser


Founder / CEO / Mathematics & Statistics Tutor

Jennifer Fischesser is the founder of Making the Grade, LLC. With over 9 years of experience tutoring and teaching, she is our main tutor for mathematics, statistics, and standardized test preparation for all ages. If you set up a meeting with Making the Grade, LLC, you will talk to and even meet with her since she is part of the day-to-day operations. Jennifer is essential to the team and with her help, Making the Grade, LLC is able to continue to grow.