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  • ACT Writing

    The Writing portion of the ACT can be the section that scares most students. It doesn’t have to be. We’ll teach you how to format your thoughts on any given subject by producing an outline and then filling it in with supportive data. Writing well is simply about following rules and we’ll teach you how to do just that!

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  • Other ACT Subjects

    Making the Grade, LLC offers ACT Prep classes for Math, English, Reading, and Science, as well as a real life ACT test setting throughout the entire year!

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Writing Tutoring


Proficient written communication is among one of the most important skills for any professional to have in their skill set. Written expression is also imperative for students from elementary to post-secondary levels. Our tutors will help your student become more comfortable with his/her writing skills by mastering written expression, idea development, and the writing process.

  • The Writing Process

    Our tutors are equipped to help with all stages of the writing process. Whether you just need help getting started or need assistance throughout the writing process, our tutors are eager to help. They can help your student develop his/her writing skills to become the best writer he/she can be.

  • Standardized Testing

    Many colleges and universities are now requiring the once optional writing sections of standardized tests for admissions. Writing for standardized testing is different than writing an essay for English class or writing for pleasure. Use our tutors to differentiate between the styles of writing and increase your ACT/SAT score.

  • Flexibility

    Our tutors are flexible and can work with your schedule to meet the needs of your student. We are available to help with writing assignments at any point in the writing process and with preparing for standardized tests. Our tutors can also use email to help students with the editing process.

  • One-on-one

    Our tutors provide individualized instruction to better serve your student. One-on-one sessions are great for discussing, revising and editing written documents. A tutor can provide more personalized time and feedback than a student is typically allotted in a classroom setting.