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Spanish Tutoring


Learning a second language is so important! And Spanish might be the most important second language to learn, based on our geography. The ability to communicate with someone from a different country can be more beneficial than you probably realize. They say that learning a second language is easier when you’re at schooling age. Your child could learn a second language and with some private tutoring assistance, take that knowledge to the next level!

  • Individualized Instruction

    Get individualized, self-paced instruction based on your needs, goals, and learning style! You should feel comfortable to ask questions and get the help you need without any interruptions. People learn in different ways. Let us personalize your tutoring to you.

  • Second Language

    The benefits to learning a second language are off the charts. It could be the competitive edge that secures that job that you’ve always wanted, so why wouldn’t you go for it? Start your child off young, when learning a second language comes more naturally.

  • Practice Speaking

    The best way to develop speaking and conversation skills is to…well, speak! It’s nice to have a private tutor to listen and help you on your path to mastering the Spanish language. And master it, you will with Making the Grade.


Subjects Offered


Reading Skills

Writing Skills

Speaking Skills

Vocabulary Skills

Grammar Skills

Conversation Skills