Piano Lessons


There’s a multitude of benefits when it comes to piano lessons. It improves hand-eye coordination, relieves stress, develops discipline, forces you to use both sides of your brain and it gives you a lifelong talent that you can have well into your old age. Piano lessons are much more beneficial than they seem on the surface and at Making the Grade, we’re here to help develop those skills.

  • Improve Hand-Eye Coordination

    This is obvious, but reading music and then playing it with your hands develops your hand-eye coordination. It’s a great way to improve this skill while learning a talent.

  • Develops Discipline

    Because playing the piano take a lot of practice and dedication, it will teach your child the value of discipline for every area of life.

  • Both Sides of the Brain

    Playing the piano requires the use of both of your hands, while listening and using your brain to read the music. It’s working a lot of different parts of your brain in that moment. Studies have shown that musicians have a higher IQ.

  • Lifelong Talent

    Learning to play the piano is a talent that you can use for the rest of your life. While most athletic activities will eventually fade due to age, playing the piano is something you can do for fun and to keep your brain sharp in your old age.

Piano Teachers


Music Notes

“Our daughter need a little extra help in her advanced math class as a freshman and Jennifer was able to provide that. She made our daughter feel comfortable and confident while helping her gain a better understanding of concepts so that she would be more successful. During our daughter’s sophomore year, Jennifer provided act tutoring and was able to quickly assess our daughters needs and then target those areas. Jennifer does not spend time teaching what is already known but uses the time to work on concepts and skills necessary to further learning. Our daughter’s act score improved by several points and we feel that Jennifer’s support was so beneficial. We highly recommend Jennifer and know that our daughter has learned so much and has enjoyed her tutoring sessions.”