GED Prep

GED PREP: 10 Reasons To Take the GED

GED Preparation
  • Employment

  • Higher Salary

  • Increase in Self-Esteem

  • Further Education

  • Provides Opportunity to Attend College

  • Job Security

  • More Opportunities

  • Required for Army

  • Setting an Example

  • Lower Chances of Incarceration


  • Science

    There are four types of science covered on the GED: life science, physical science, earth science and space science. You will have 90 minutes to complete this section.

  • Mathematical Reasoning

    The math sections consists of mostly quantitative and algebraic problem solving. It takes roughly 115 minutes to complete.

  • Social Studies

    Civics and Government, U.S. History, Economics, Geography and the world are all the subjects covered in the Social Studies portion of the GED. You will have 90 minutes to complete this section.

  • Reasoning Through Language Arts

    In this section, they’re testing for your ability to read, write clearly, and edit and understand written text. This is the longest section and you will have 150 minutes to complete it.

GED Program

For those who were unable to finish high school, getting your GED is paramount in solidifying the foundation for your future. With GED tutoring, you can rest assured that we will help you pass the test. Between practice tests and tutoring sessions, you’ll be ready in no time to get your GED!

  • Become Familiar with the Test!

    The unknown is terrifying. Don’t walk into the GED without familiarizing yourself with the test. Removing that anxiety from the situation does wonders for your focus. Not to mention, you’ll be better prepared because you’ll know what’s coming!

  • Tutoring Sessions

    Private one-on-one tutoring sessions can make all the difference in the world. We’ll take practice exams and then sit down and review them to see where you went wrong. We’re here to make you better and individual instruction is the best way to ensure that!

  • Plan & Practice!

    Practice makes perfect, right? Well we’re not requiring perfection, but it is true that you get better the more you practice. We don’t teach in hypotheticals, we practice with you using real questions and real scenarios from the test itself. Get your GED today – we’ll help!